About Us

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SK Technologies is a india based organizations focused on assisting clients to identify and mitigate security challenges .It has a range of fingerprint based biometric products and software solutions with a wide spectrum of functionality, Interoperability and scope for customizations. A quality website offering time attendance systems and biometric access control systems online now at affordable price. We provide total cost effective solutions that are highly efficient.Our specialization lies in the area of automatic data collection and then linking it with the main stream application by using our state of the art technology .It helps in tracking records of the entry and exit timings of employees upto minutes level,Late arrival/Early departure & OT calculation etc.

We,at SK Technologies ,are empowered with the support of our experience technology experts,Engineers ,Software engineers and various security as well as surveillance products experts.SK has good network of after Sales service support in India.With advances in Technology SK has taken giant strides in the field of identify recognition based on fingerprint ,smartcard,RFID and even retina scanning.

Our Commitments to our clients

a) Commitment to Quality
b) Product Trainning Programmed
c) Service Support
d) Competitive Pricing
e) Update Technology & Features
f) Ready Stock