CCTV Camera in Ghaziabad

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Welcome to S K Biometrics, the best and trusted CCTV Company in Ghaziabad. The importance and demand for CCTV cameras have gone up by unexpected measures owing to the increasing illegal and suspicious activities. Our high-quality CCTV cameras are known to capture events with the highest degree of precision. Currently, our CCTV cameras are used in many office spaces, shops, schools, hospitals, and other establishments too.

CCTV Camera Models

Currently, we have three different models. You can choose from either of them based on your security requirements. The models are:

  • KC-IB3180
  • KC-IB3150
  • KC-OC3150

All these models are packed with powerful features and are enough to safeguard your premises by constant monitoring. Both private and public sector establishments are using almost all of our models mentioned above of CCTV in Ghaziabad for years.

Features of Our CCTV Camera

Not all commercial establishments have the same security requirement. Some may require just a real-time monitoring, while others may demand advance security features. There are many things that people look into while purchasing a CCTV camera, and we fulfill all those requirements. A few highlights of our offered CCTV camera are:

  • Clear night vision recording
  • High definition recorded videos
  • 360-degree tilt function
  • Precise motion detection
  • Weatherproof and corrosion resistant
  • High storage in-built SD-card
  • Warranty

Depending on the model you purchase, the features may fluctuate accordingly. Our courteous and prompt service along with quality products has made us the top CCTV dealer in Ghaziabad, so you can trust us with your purchase.

Why Us?

Since inception, we have been looked upon as the most reliable CCTV camera agent in Ghaziabad. Our products and services are unmatched and have always met customers’ expectations. Some additional reasons to choose us are:

  • High-quality products
  • Competitive pricing
  • Best customer service
  • Extensive range of security solutions

And much more!

Feel free to contact S K Biometrics for any information concerning our offered security solutions and services.