Rfid Time Attendance System

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S K Technologies is a leading supplier of security solutions and offers various authentication and surveillance devices that are made to match modern-day security requirements. Our RFID time attendance system is one of the many offered products that precisely record the IN and OUT time of each person entering or leaving your premises. This cost-effective product has a long life-span and is made using supreme materials and the latest technology.

The biometric access control system designed by our skilled engineers is responsible for performing multiple tasks including maintaining the time attendance, access control, visitor management, employee attendance, and much more in a comparatively lesser time and with utmost precision. The demand for our biometrics access control in Noida, Faridabad has increased at a fast pace owing to the unmatched performance it delivers within a less time-frame.


S200 is a RFID Time and Attendance Systems, IN and OUT status, also low price with good performance,

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K200 is a RFID Time and Attendance Systems, IN and OUT status, also low price with good performance,

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You can use our access control system in Noida, Ghaziabad in various establishments like gyms, clubs, offices, and various other places where you want only authenticated individuals to enter the premises. Our RFID time attendance with access control system is designed to be a multi-tasking application that can easily run on different hardware solutions like a biometric reader, fingerprint scanner, card reader, and various other devices.

These authenticating devices not only reduce manual work from your end but also remove the possibility of errors while recording the IN and OUT entry of each concerned person. Main highlights of our product are:

  • Superior built-in quality
  • Highly reliable
  • Super fast in terms of performance
  • Delivers accurate results
  • Removes errors and manual work load
  • Cost-effective
  • Blend of technology and innovation and much more